Tatiana Kitana Michelle "Tati" Malozelli was born in Gauteng,

South Africa on September 30, 2000.                                                     

Devon and Tati on holiday

She is the third eldest member of the group Lil` Gangstas

and the fifth child in her family.                                                                                                   

Tati Malozelli
Vuvu love

This is Tati when she was five years old.

General Information

Full name: Tatiana Kitana MichelleMalozelli
Birthday: September 30,[1] 2000[2]
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color:

Dark brown

Biographical Information

Residence: California
Occupation: Student
Nicknames: Tati
Big T (by Lynne)[3]
Other names:

Smooth Babes(by Destiny)


Relationship Information


Ross Malozelli. (father)

Barbara Malozelli (mother)


Devon. (older brother)

Destiny (older sister)

Ameria (older sister)

Nazalia (older sister)

Gisela (younger sister)

Kiatana (younger sister)

Kevin (younger brother)

Alexa (younger sister)

Canada (younger brother)


Tati is 5'3". She has naturally straight-curly dark brown hair,

brown eyes,natural pink lips with a beauty mark on her bottom lip

which she was born with.She has naturally beauty.


Tati is described by her sisters as loud, funny, silly, hyper, creative, and smiley.

She is also known to be very outgoing. Tati is confident, loud and has a good sense of humor.

She loves to act silly and uses fake accents or sarcasm to get a laugh.

She loves being the center of attention.

Destiny has mentioned on twitter that Tati has a very strong conscience.


Family relatedEdit

  • She shares a room with all her sisters meaning it is a huge room,the also practice there.
  • She is described as a "Smooth Babe" by Natalia.
  • She and Ameria can eat a whole chicken by themselves on command.
  • The whole family  say Tati is very energetic and she always beats everyone in sports.
  • She and her sisters mostly speak English, but know a little Spanish, Portuguese and
  • When Tati got mad at Gisela one time, she locked her out of their room, so Gisela  lied on the floor and serenaded Dani through the crack between the door and the floor.[18]
  • She regularly puts out a family newspaper called "The Malozelli Times."
  • Tati is the most serious when comes to filming.But always has a good time afterwards


  • Her favorite color is purple. She also likes blue and white and black.
  • Her favorite food is sushi. 
  • Her favorite film is Real Steel.
  • Her favorite song is "Valentines Girl" by Mindless Behavoir.
  • Her favorite television show is Fashion Police and Big Bang Therory.
  • Her favoriteDiggy songs are "4 letter word" and "Two-Up." 
  • Her favorite songs from the Mindless Behavoir album are Valentines Girl, "My Girl" and "Mrs Right.
  • Her favorite smell are her sisters perfumes and hers too.
  • Her favorite Mindless Behavoir members are Prodigy and Roc Royal.
  • Her Favorite One Direction members are Harry and Niall

Food relatedEdit

  • She likes waffles.
  • She loves mint chip ice cream, white chocolate and mangoes.
  • She loves Whipped Cream.[19]
  • She doesn't like Peanut Butter and Liqorice.
  • Her favorite sweets are Everything made by Maynards, Hershey's Cookies N Cream Bar, and Kit Kats.[25]
  • If she had to choose between eating Nutella, pizza, or waffles for the rest of her life, she would choose Nutella.[26]
  • She really likes apricots.[27]
  • She loves Endearmints candy.[28]


  • She has blocked her most embarrassing memory.[19]
  • She, like Kevin and Ameria, does not have a phone.[29]
  • Dani enjoys making videos, not just of Malozelli singing, but also fake films starring her and Chelsea,Rachele or her little brothers, as seen on her YouTube channel.
  • She is the Pepper to Devon`s Sugar on their own show "The Pepper and Sugar Show."
  • She likes actions, or as she says "pow pow" movies.[19]
  • When she grows up, she wants to be a fashion designer,actress and a singer.
  • She thinks "Star Wars" is the worst movie ever because it's so sappy.
  • She is Righthanded.[30]
  • In some of their covers on youtube Tati does a lot of the rapping along with Ameria.
  • She likes rollerblading down the beach with her siblings, skateboarding, and putting together outfits.
  • She likes to shop at Truworths,Zara and Foschini and Target.
  • If she was a superhero, her superpower would be  like Storm from X-Men..[19]
  • She is loves  heights,[31] and likes roller coasters..[32]
  • She only likes FC Barcelona because Messi is on the team.[33]
  • She can whistle.[5]
  • Besides singing, her hobbies include rollerblading, climbing trees, dancing, rapping video games swimming designing, going to the beach, and painting her nails.[5]
  • She and Ameria got their wisdom teeth pulled.[18]
  • She has a crush on Diggy Simmons, Harry styles, Prodigy,Ray Ray,Princeton,Roc Royal and Dakota Goyo.


Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez because she thinks they are useless to the world.

Music relatedEdit

  • She plays the bongo drums.
  • She would most like to perform with Diggy and Mindless Behavoir.[19]
  • She plays the drum and piano, used to play the bass, and knows a few chords of the guitar.
  • She plays the marimba,recorder,flute[36]

Her influencesEdit

Nicki minaj

iggy azelea

willow smith


lil wayne

Bow Wow



Diggy Simmons

One Direction


Mindless Behavior

Religion relatedEdit

  • She is Athiest like the rest of her family.

Sports relatedEdit

  • She likes skateboarding
  • Swimming,
  • tennis,
  • boxing
  • wrestling.

Travel relatedEdit

  • She would most like to vacation anywhere because se has never left the country.

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